About Me.

Hello there!

A summary:
Book Addict,
Speech therapist.

The main goal:
For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a published author. I've been writing from the moment I knew how words and letters worked and I haven't stopped since.
My computer is filled with stories and writings ranging from poems to fanfiction to proper novels and though some of those may have been posted online, it hasn't been enough.
I know that I need to write, doesn't matter if it's professionally or not but I have realised that while I am writing, I may as well try and fight for the dream I have.

I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to the publishing field and for a first time that is scary. I've already realised that I have made many mistakes and more will follow.

Follow me as I embark on this journey into a world where you have too many options to make sense of. From traditional publishing to self-publishing. From printed books to POD (print-on-demand) to e-books. It's an entire new world I am trying to explore and I hope to share some of my experiences with you, as well as write about the meltdowns that are caused by this demanding adventure.

More about me:

Born, raised, and still living in Antwerp, Belgium. Speaking a native language known as Flemish.
Next to writing and reading of books you can find me either browsing cupcake shops or wandering around London at every opportunity I get.
Whenever I'm not eating I'll be enjoying a dance class or four and counting down to the days until I get to perform again.

On this blog:

This blog is filled with random stuff.
But as much as I wish I could spend all my time on here and be completely surrounded by everything bookish, my job takes up most of my time.
I know I'm not the only working/blogging person out there but I sure as hell struggle to find a good balance between both.
So this is a fair warning that more than often I'll seem to be completely MIA, will suddenly announce that 'I'm back' and then go missing again. This all because I simply underestimated the demands real life can make.

This is why I've recently decided to add a new section to this blog that I decided to title as 'flash reviews'. Books I still really want to review but can't find the time for to give a proper full length review, will fall under this category.
That way I can try and squeeze in a review or two between my work sessions etc. without having too feel horrible about not making it long enough.
Flash reviews are intended to be short but still pack of punch of what my reading experience was like.

On this blog you'll find:
About Me: you're here
My book: posts about my own writing adventure are all grouped here
Recs and Reviews: simply the center of this blog. All my book reviews (flash or regular) + recommendations are in here.
My bookshelf: a collection of the read books on the blog ranked alphabetically or by author
Giveaway: I think this one's obvious.

Old topics archive:
Book tag section:  trying to do a tag whenever the opportunity arises. If you ever find any good ones, send them my way!
video corner: all videos are here (obviously)
Weekly obsession: At the start of the blog I started this weekly feature. It put a topic that had been widely spoken about on social media in the spotlight. Yet, now that I'm spending much less time online, I'm trying to find a new purpose for this section.
I hope you have a great time on the blog and wish you happy readings!!

May the books be ever in our favour!