2016 review wrap-up

These reviews have been long overdue!
I let them drag on too long and now that 2017 has started, I seriously needed to wrap up the ones that had still been waiting around for me to type them up.
My last three flash reviews of 2016 (even though we're already 2 weeks well into 2017) are finally here! All stories were provided to me through Netgalley

The killing game by J.S. Carol
I expected to be on the edge of my seat throughout this entire story. Though at moments this was definitely the case, I didn't feel the urgency to get back to the book whenever I had to put it down.
That's not what you want with a thriller (or any book for that matter). There's a mulitude of different point of views in this and it has positive and negative consequences. It gave a broader perspective of the situation and this story definitely needed this. This story couldn't have existed without the different point of views. Sometimes breaking up in small cliffhangers helps build up the tension but I felt that in this case it did the opposite. It broke the tension for me, making it fall flat.
I had high expectations for this one but maybe I expected too much?

Paper Hearts, Volume 2: Some publishing advice by Beth Revis
I return to Paper Hearts with the 2nd volume and already have high hopes for this installment. As an aspiring writer it is the publishing part that is like a mysterious world. But Revis pulls me through the wardrobe an reveals this publishing Narnia in a clear way, filled with comments, explanations and advice.
Volume 1 had already felt a little like picking up grandma's cooking book, filled with tips and tricks, but this one's even better! Revis provides us with a broad view of ways to get your book published an touches upon the different ways to do that. She compares pros and cons and keeps her advise as clear and honest as possible. It made me feel like anything was possible.
This volume is incredibly useful and though volume 1 provided some good help, Most importantly, advise that I understand, a complicated world broken up in easy chunks. Almost like a guideline, if not a lifeline. I feel that with this one I finally have the tools to help me get on.

In this Revis doesn't preach or tell you which path to chose but explains what either road entails and how it would suit you. She remains neutral and unbiased, pointing out what did and didn't work for her. Quite refreshing in comparison with others who scream that everyone should do it their way.
The only wrong I could find with this entire volume was that she often repeated herself in the section of self publishing. At some point, I even doutbed if I'd gone back to the wrong page.
Aside from that, I think I have found my personal bible and I'm pretty sure I'll be using this for future reference a lot.

One Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot
This story was absolutely adorable!
How I loved spending time in wintery Paris accompanied by Ava ad Julien. For starters, I liked every single character that appeared (even the annoying mother).
Ava was an interesting main character that steared clear of the cliches. Her unique traits add to the charm of this book.
As we're on the subject of charm...let's talk about ouur handsome lead shall we? Mr Julien Fitoussi.
Where do I sign up to be shown around Paris by him? Filled with beautiful places and delicious food, it would be an amazing adventure!
Of course, magic isn't made with two main characters, uplifting side characters and a beautiful setting alone - though it helps. Mandy Baggot has a way of writing that makes her characters come alive and the story pop off the page. I have loved every second with this story and was sad to say my friends goodbye. Let's hope we'll get to reunite with them once more at some point?

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas break, spend the holidays with their family and started 2017 with a bang. There'll (hopefully) be more from me in 2017!!!