Book Review: Spring at Blueberry Bay

10/10 for Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

Welcome to beautiful Hope Island where the sea sparkles, the daffodils are blooming and a blossoming romance is just around the corner…  
Bella has always had a sunny outlook and caring nature, despite recently falling on hard times. When she finds a handsome homeless man on her doorstep, her kind heart tells her she must help him. So, she invites Isaac into her cottage and into her life in ways she could never have imagined…  
But Isaac is not what he seems. He’s keeping a huge secret from Bella, yet he never expected to fall for this open, generous and charming woman.  
Bella can’t ignore the chemistry between her and Isaac, but she’s had her trust badly broken in her past. Will she run when she learns the truth about Isaac, or will he be the one man who can help Bella believe in love again? 

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Every time Holly announces a book I get this little tingle of excitement! She has proven along the way that she has great skill and her stories never fail to brighten up my day. Spring at Blueberry Bay is no exception.

We enter Hope Island, which is as picturesque as it sounds. A town filled with friendly islanders and beautiful cottages. The way it is described makes me want to pack my bags and go there immediately!

This time we meet with Bella and Isaac.
Isaac is the big CEO of some very important companies in the big city and also the founder of a charity called 'The Umbrella Foundation'. Having moved his charity's base to Hope Island he is spending a lot of time there.
After a rollercoaster of events Bella starts working for him. But is it really smart to be working with a woman he is so incredibly attracted to and wants to take advantage of every chance he gets?

When we meet Bella she is struggling a little. Having lost her previous job and very short on money, things aren't looking good. When a strange man stands outside her house, she is a little wary of him. She invites the homeless man in and her kindness soon pays off.
After applying for a job at the Umbrella Foundation and finding out that her new future boss is not who she expected to be, things really start to pick up.
Bella feels attracted to Isaac and she knows the two of them have this rare connection that only happens to a lucky few.

Bella and Isaac are inevitably drawn to each other and as they try to hide their blooming relationship from the people at work and on the island - which they fail at miserably - it becomes clear that they're both holding back. Their connection is one of a kind but they both have to deal with some issues they have to get over with.
Especially Bella who has built walls around her heart so high that it's almost impossible to get through to her. Clouded by her past, she struggles to truly believe that this might be love in its purest form. Can the two of them find a way to get over all of this and will Bella let herself finally explore what real love is?

* * *

Spring at Blueberry Bay is absolutely perfect! I am racking my brain to see if maybe I missed something because as far as I am concerned this story has no fault!

The two main characters Isaac and Bella were well thought out and had real depth, which reflected in the story. Bella has this really great family behind her and I'm really looking forward to find out more about Bella's siblings when they get their turn in their very own story.
As a character she really showed development and that made her even more interesting to me.

Isaac, too, has captured my heart. He is absolutely swoon-worthy and has the kindest heart around. He's like the perfect guy put onto paper and I kinda wish I knew him in real life!
He is everything you want for your main hero to be in a story like this and you were routing for him from the beginning. Actually, I was routing for both of them from the beginning until the very last page. 

I'm running out of things to say because what can you say about a perfect book. All I can do is tell you to go read it and find out for yourself. You will not be sorry!
This book simply had everything I want and need from a story. And it is filled with Holly's greatest writing skills. I'm sure I've mentioned them many times before as we've been blessed with many of her great tales but let me, for good measure, sum them up once more. 
Iiiiiiiiiiiit's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
All joking aside....what more could you want from a book then: characters with awesome and interesting jobs, thrilling chemistry, hot scenes, a lot of laughter and packed full of beautiful friendship. I really don't think you could ask for more?!

I just want to squeeze myself in this story and be a part of it! That's how perfect it is!

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